About Us

We, Agro care animal products is1st animal biscuit manufacturer in Bangladesh.

We introduce biscuits for the ruminant animals 1st time in Bangladesh. It helps animals to increase rapid bodyweight & increase milk production.

We also have some imported good quality products from ISO, WHO & GMP certified company for large animal & poultry.

Our vision

In Bangladesh, our animals have a lack of fresh green grass. For this reason they will suffer vitamin & minerals deficiency all round year. There is a major factor is diet ration also.  In that manner, we think to do something to develop our animal sector.

After long research, we develop 2 of our very famous products- Vita feed & Mina feed. But it’s not sufficient. It’s just beginning. We continue our research & fieldwork. We hope our client give us their important feedback to reach our vision within our targeted time.